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10 Tips to Crash-Proof Families in Cash-Strapped Times

by Roslyn Duffy
January/February 2009
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" Situation "

“The sky is falling . . .
The sky is falling . . . “
from Chicken Little

Those words may be attributed to a chicken in a children’s story, but they resonate only too well today. As belts get tightened or lost altogether, stresses can feel overwhelming " and what distresses parents or caregivers has a swift trickle-down effect on children.

Though times are tough " families can survive them, especially when we take steps to make what is happening outside our homes (and maybe even the loss of those homes) catalysts to rediscover our real treasure " one another.

" Solution "

The 10 Tips to Crash-Proof Families in Cash-Strapped Times offer ways not just to survive " but to thrive.

1. Pay it forward
The most hopeful thing any human being can do is to offer hope to someone else. When children feel able to contribute by helping others, they feel good about themselves.

When the tsunami in Asia occurred, the children at the Learning Tree in Seattle prepared a special ‘water buffalo’ fundraising breakfast for their parents. The children learned about how valued these animals are in Southeast Asia, through story time and related projects. The money they raised ...

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