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28 Fun Ideas to Motivate Your Staff

by Sandy Roberts
May/June 1993
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We hear the usual voices, we use the same words or phrases, we do some things the same way every day, and we so often overlook the obvious. For example, I placed an ugly broom in the corner of my office one day, forgetting to put it away when I was done with it. Throughout my day I didn't have time to get back to the broom. Day after day the broom just stood in the corner - a rather unpleasing sight to visitors, yet eventually it became just a part of the office and I never noticed it. One day a staff member was looking for a broom and I answered her request with, "I have no idea where one is, I haven't seen one around here." There the broom stood, in plain view, yet I didn't see it.

The following ideas were developed to be used as motivators to your staff and to enhance their understanding of their role as teachers. The ideas are meant to be helpful in heightening awareness of each staff's personal daily behaviors. Use them to encourage your staff to take a close look at their daily routines and ...

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