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A Manner of Speaking Jan/Feb '92

by Bonnie Neugebauer
January/February 1992
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I hate criticism - I don't care how constructive it is; I hate it. But as much as I hate criticism, I know how important it is for enabling us to do what we do well. I am deeply grateful for those people who make the effort to tell us when we are missing the mark, as well as when we are right on (though, of course, I enjoy hearing the right on comments much more!).

Boothing it at NAEYC is our prime opportunity to hear what people have to say. So we approach the event with great anticipation and a certain amount of fear. It has been our intention that our booth be a gathering place for directors in the midst of NAEYC's frenzy. We eagerly look forward to meeting old friends and catching up. This year, in particular, I was struck by the passages as we learned of recent divorces, met new spouses, cooed at babies, and shared the ups and downs of the past year. Emotional overload.

It's wonderful to hear stories of how our information and efforts have met needs and to collect ideas and stories for upcoming projects. But I ...

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