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A Manner of Speaking Mar/Apr '00

by Bonnie Neugebauer
March/April 2000
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At dinner the other night, Adam asked me, "Mom, how many hours do you work a day?" With little thought I replied, "I probably work about eight; and then I spend two or three more cooking, housekeeping, and running errands." "Hmmm. And how many hours are you awake?" "Seventeen or 18." Adam paused for a while (I think he was giving me time to think this through for myself). "So, do you really think you have six free hours every day?"

It didn't take much analysis of the numbers to realize that in order to account for those other hours, I needed to rethink the amount of time spent working. It became apparent that my work life was taking up more of my life than I had thought.

I love my job - I enjoy meeting and talking with child care professionals, brainstorming new projects, writing, visiting centers, taking photographs, learning. I have a great deal of freedom in when and how I work, which is a great benefit. But my balancing act is getting very lopsided.

Perhaps you, too, have let your work life take control of your whole life. Perhaps you, too, have only created the boundaries between work and ...

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