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A Manner of Speaking Jul/Aug '06

by Bonnie Neugebauer
July/August 2006
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In the hubbub of the big things in our lives we sometimes overlook important small opportunities.

“So why are you people here?” asked the guard at the shopping area in Manizales, Colombia.

Working Team Belfast, a project of the World Forum Foundation in collaboration with NIPPA, the Early Years Organisation (Northern Ireland), was hosted by CINDE-Colombia (Centro Internacional de Educacion y Desarollo Humano) the third week in May, to continue work focused on early childhood programs as a force for reconciliation in areas of the world traumatized by armed conflict. Work for the meetings was centered around advocacy.

For this group, advocacy is currently taking the form of a book to be published for release at World Forum 2007 in Malaysia (to learn more, visit www.WorldForum2007.com). The book, yet to be titled, shares strategies and stories of reconciliation work being done with children in several parts of the world. It is grounded in the belief that children who grow up knowing how to live with one another, those like and unlike themselves, are essential for a peaceful world.

So, back to the guard’s question. Duane Dennis responded with a bit of our story (I don’t think his Spanish is skilled enough for too many details!), ...

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