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A Manner of Speaking Nov/Dec '06

by Bonnie Neugebauer
November/December 2006
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Possibility. We are empowered when we sense it. We can do anything confront any challenge, move forward with hope and anticipation. It's something of what Alison (our newly married daughter) and Blake (our newest son) must see when they look into each other's eyes. The air crackles.
Even we can feel it in each other they see everything they need. And in that blessing they will create a strong new family, empowered by all the possibilities.

Surf, sunshine, seagulls, sand, the wedding was intimate and perfect in our family's most loved natural setting. We've gone in various groupings as family and friends to this favorite Oregon beach for over 23 years. We have so many memories of walks on the beach, dragging sticks to create lines that never end and searching for the tiniest sand dollar, sighting puffins in flight and lying on chilly sand to watch for shooting stars. We want to protect this place and our memories in it; we want to share it with our grandchildren and friends from near and far. We want everyone to care about it as we do.

And this is what our work through the Nature Action Collaborative for Children (NACC) is ...

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