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A Manner of Speaking Nov/Dec '07

by Bonnie Neugebauer
November/December 2007
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“Excuse me.” The woman sitting next to me on the plane leaned towards me. “But don’t you think you need to have children in order to understand what life is all about?” En route to Washington, DC for the imminent birth of our first grandchild, I wasn’t able to wrap my mind around a question of this magnitude. But now, in my second week of grandparenthood, I am ready to answer.

“No, Tina. I don’t believe we need to give birth to or raise children in order to understand the meaning of life, but I do think life has deeper meaning when we spend time with children.” My beautiful grandson Zachary is only 10 days old, but he has given me many blessings in our precious days together.

Zachary has helped me learn to chill. When I am holding him, we live on Planet Zachary. It’s kind of a bubble experience that sets us apart from everything going on around us. My skills as a multitasker are irrelevant. I cannot drink lattes or work on the computer, or organize my desk. Zach requires and, might I add, deserves, my complete attention. When he looks at me, how could I possibly be looking somwhere ...

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