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A Manner of Speaking Nov/Dec '08

by Bonnie Neugebauer
November/December 2008
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“Good Morning, Ma’am. How is your day going? How is your life?” With that question, I sensed my day was going to take an interesting turn. Sometimes you just know when a story begins.

“Well, that’s quite a big question,” I responded as I tumbled into the taxi with suitcase, camera, computer, and assorted paraphernalia for my visit to Sanchez Elementary School. “I think it’s going pretty well.”

“That’s good, very good.”

And so my taxi driver, Shah, and I began our conversation. At some point driving down Market Street, we talked about living apart from family, his family still in Pakistan, my children in distant (to me) places, and we talked about the joys of family. “When I arrive home every day, very tired,” he said, “my grandson runs to greet me. It’s beautiful.”

The ride ended a bit more quickly than I might have hoped, and as we pulled up to the school, Shah, said, “Have a wonderful day. And if you ever need anything, here is my number, call me. Really. Call me. If you ever need anything for your life, I am here for you.”

I know you’re getting cynical now and wondering, but I’m not that big ...

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