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A Manner of Speaking May/Jun '11

by Bonnie Neugebauer
May/June 2011
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It began with "Sawubona" ("I see you") the SiSwati greeting Irma Allen taught us when we arrived in Swaziland. Little did we know that this message would become the theme of our African journey.

As we visited schools and talked with teachers and administrators, as we immersed ourselves in environments filled with children, we began to find our stride as we worked to really see each person we encountered. We came to believe that the best thing we could do in each situation was just to take it in visually and emotionally.

We walked onto the playground and children swarmed us. Each one wanted to touch and be touched, to be seen. Roger took out his camera and began snapping close-ups. They mobbed him eagerly smiling, reaching, waving to get his attention. And every one in turn captured that attention as Roger focused, clicked, then turned the camera so that each child could see his or her own smiling face or goofy expression. They were delighted, laughing, turning to one another to share the fun. Each child wanted a turn and many children wanted more than one! Roger made sure to connect with every child in a classroom. He really didn't ...

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