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A Program Showcase: Dubai American Academy

by Michael Kalinowski and Maggie Graham
January/February 2009
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Located in the Al Barsha area of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Dubai American Academy (DAA) serves early childhood through BA and high school graduate levels. The Early Years Program includes three Pre-Kindergarten classes, nine Kinder 1 (four year olds) and Kinder 2 (five year olds) classes, and seven first grade classes. There are approximately 500 students in this culturally diverse school.

The Early Years Program uses a center-based teaching approach. Each classroom has a full-time Educational Assistant as well as English Language Learning for grade one students and English Literacy support for students in Kinder 2 and above. An Early Years coordinator adjusts the curriculum and collaborates with teachers to share ideas and promote best practice.

The curriculum includes units on travel and the world, the family unit and family background, character building, and holidays. Through these units children begin to understand their role in the world around them. At a young age, they develop a keen sense of understanding not only for other people, but also the ways in which they should treat others. The program takes a proactive approach to fostering acceptance by teaching the children about different colors of skin, languages, and regions of the world. The families ...

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