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Basic Techniques for Securing Enrollment: Updated Edition - Four Audio CDs

by Julie Wassom
ITEM #: 4100135

"I have to give you the credit for doubling my enrollment. Your CDs and seminars have been the best investment I ever made."
Juanita Hall, Director, Tender Care Learning Center

"Julie is an extraordinary expert on marketing within the children's services community. Her knowledge and attention to detail have helped our programs grow and reach a high level of financial performance."
-Bob Siegel, National Director, Children's Services, Easter Seals Inc.

The newly updated, four audio CD edition of this original gold-standard training program contains all the proven skills included in the classic version PLUS the latest techniques and sample dialogues you need to help you…

…Generate more qualified enrollment inquiries

…Convert inquiries to center visits

…Convert visits into new enrollments

…Follow-up to secure pending enrollments

…Efficiently manage your enrollment building responsibilities

This program is a must for new directors and ideal for reinforcing individual skills with seasoned managers. As you listen and complete the written exercises, you will build skills and the confidence to maximize enrollment conversions and increase capacity utilization in your early childhood program.

About the Author, Julie Wassom

As the original developer of premiere enrollment building sales and marketing training programs for the early care and education industry, Julie Wassom is a professional speaker, trainer, and consultant who travels the world working with early childhood professionals on how to successfully market their services and secure and retain enrollment.