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Beginnings Workshop Books Set

ITEM #: 4000552

With Beginnings Workshop Books, you'll have the hottest curriculum topics down cold. Every issue of Exchange magazine includes a hands-on staff development guide that provides a wealth of practical ideas on specific curriculum topics from leading authorities in the field of early care and education. Each Beginnings Workshop book is a comprehensive collection of these articles on a particular topic.

This complete set of seven Beginnings Workshop Books includes:

  • Behavior - complete article list
    Topics cover: When Children are Difficult, Positive Behavior Strategies, Conflict Resolution, Power Struggles, Anger, Parent Perspectives on Discipline, and More!

  • Child Development I - complete article list
    Topics cover: Meeting Children's Needs, Brain Research, Building Self Image, Children's Mental Health, Resiliency in Children, Building Character, and More!

  • Child Development II- complete article list
    Topics cover: Fitness and Health, Nurturing Optimism, Nutrition, Imagination, Humor, and More!

  • Curriculum - Art, Music, Movement, Drama- complete article list
    Topics cover: Art, Art Experiences, Music and Movement, Gross Motor Development, Creative Dramatics, and More!

  • Curriculum - Brain Research, Math, Science - complete article list
    Topics cover: Applying Brain Research, Math and Numbers, Science and the Outdoors, Young Children and Technology, and More!

  • Environments- complete article list
    Topics cover: Environments to Engage Children, Environments with Families in Mind, Room Arrangement, Space, and More!

  • Literacy - complete article list
    Topics cover: Building Literacy, Talking, Multi-Language Programs, Bilingual Education, Storytelling, and More!