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Beginnings Workshop: Conversations with Children and Adults

January/February 2008
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Talk. Talk. Talk. We do it all day long. Early childhood educators spend a great deal of their time during the school day talking with children, families, managers, administrators, and each other.
This issue of Beginnings Workshop addresses strategies for improving all of our conversations. It begins by looking at conversation as a common thread to address the myriad trends in early childhood without over-segmenting the child's day. Then, it focuses on scaffolding children's learning through expert questioning before moving on to interviewing children. This issue concludes with suggestions for choosing to make all of our conversations, including those with colleagues, supervisors, and families, powerful and effective.

Conversation: The Common Thread in Our Work by Karen N. Nemeth

Questions As a Technique for Scaffolding Children's Learning by Lila Tekene

Interviewing Young Children by Yael Dayan

What's Behind Door #3? Adults Choosing to Engage in Powerful Conversations in the Workplace and Beyond by M. Parker Anderson

Training Suggestions by Kay Albrecht

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