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Being a Supervisor: Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals

by Gigi Schweikert
ITEM #: 4120019

Are you aspiring to become a supervisor in an early childhood program? Have you been in a leadership role for years? Whatever your experience level, this book provides insight, guidance, and exercises to enhance your leadership skills. "Being a Supervisor" focuses on eight concepts that will help you transition from leading children to leading adults. You will:

  • Recognize and feel comfortable in your role as a supervisor
  • Help adults succeed by expressing clear and reasonable expectations
  • Create a culture that encourages input and allows for mistakes
  • Motivate your team through delegation
  • Communicate honestly and share feedback consistently
  • Follow through on all tasks
  • Stay connected by knowing and encouraging each employee
  • Set a positive tone and be approachable to all staff

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Admit You’re the Supervisor
  • Help Adults Succeed
  • Create a Culture That Encourages Input and Allows for Mistakes
  • Motivate Adults through Delegation
  • Communicate Consistently and Honestly
  • Follow Through
  • Stay Connected
  • Set the Tone
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • ISBN: 978-1-605542-45-4