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Bringing More Wonder to Children’s Lives

March/April 2012
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Over the next year, Wonder will be filled with practical and (we hope) inspiring ideas for using free tools available on the World Forum website to help children make deeper connections with the natural world. In each edition you’ll find:

• Ways to put the Universal Principles for Connecting Children with Nature to work. (In each issue we’ll look closely at one principle.)
• Suggestions for using tools from The Environmental Action Kit to help support that principle.
• Stories offering personal perspectives and interesting new ideas related to the theme of the issue.

We invite you to send in your own stories and ideas for possible use in future editions. (The focus of upcoming issues will be explained on the last page of each issue of Wonder.) Together we can help our children forge strong connections with nature that will become a sustaining and enriching part of their daily lives.

Putting the Universal Principles to Work

What do adults throughout the world believe we should be doing to help our children grow up with a love for the natural world? That was the question leaders of the Nature Action Collaborative for Children (a multidisciplinary group of folks from around the globe) asked themselves during the 2009 ...

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