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Child Care As a Setting for Helping to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect

by Nancy L. Seibel and Linda Gillespie
May/June 2006
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Article Link: http://www.childcareexchange.com/article/child-care-as-a-setting-for-helping-to-prevent-child-abuse-and-neglect/5016916/

Based on Preventing Abuse and Neglect: Parent-Teacher Partnerships in Child Care (ZERO TO THREE Press, in press).

Effective relationships with parents are a cornerstone of high quality early childhood programs. When parents and professionals see each other as allies in caring for young children, everyone benefits. Parents benefit from an enhanced sense of confidence and competence. Caregivers and teachers benefit from an increased sense of professionalism when they have parents’ respect and assistance. Children benefit when their parent and professional caregivers recognize and jointly meet their varied and ongoing needs for care and nurturance.

Quality child care programs do their utmost to support healthy development in young children. Teacher-parent relationships that embody trust, responsiveness, and caring can support parents in their nurturing relationships with their children. Nurturing care from parents and other important adults provide the context for healthy child development.

All parents can benefit from a listening ear and a helping hand that aids them in caring for their young children. As early childhood educators we know caring for young children is a big job. When parents are especially stressed or lacking in support, it can affect the way they relate to their children and, in some families, the risk ...

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