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Dare to Delegate

by Barbara Volpe and Paula Jorde Bloom
January/February 2011
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Cathy was feeling overwhelmed by all the demands of her administrative role, yet she didn’t have the resources to hire an administrative assistant to help relieve her workload. One of the tasks she just never seemed to have the time to do was write a monthly parent news-letter. She struggled over the decision to delegate the job of creating a newsletter to her teaching staff. Would they feel resentful having to take on a new task? Where would she find the time to meet with them to go over their ideas and review their work?

At her monthly team meeting with her three lead teachers she broached the idea, sharing her vision of having a professional-looking newsletter that would keep parents informed about classroom activities and include useful child development information and resources. Much to her surprise, her lead teachers were enthusiastic about taking on the newsletter project. She met with them the following day. Together they brainstormed design ideas. She matched their specific role in the project to their individual skills and interests, identified clear deadlines for carrying out the work, and addressed their questions and concerns. Over the next few weeks she gave a healthy dose of positive reinforcement ...

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