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Direct Mail Marketing

by Julie Wassom
March/April 2000
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You sent a flyer about your center's program to everyone on a mailing list within a reasonable radius of your center. But the response was minimal, so you've decided to try something else. You send a packet of information to every qualified prospect who inquires on the telephone. Not many call back. You think about the stack of mail you get every day and how much you throw away without even reading it, and you wonder if your prospects do the same. And you question whether direct mail marketing is worth it.

If this describes you, you're not alone. Including direct mail in your marketing program can be very effective, but it requires an attitude and approach different from many of your other marketing efforts. In addition to a thoughtful plan, creative design of your mailing pieces, and realistic expectations about response rates, a successful direct mail marketing campaign takes staying power. And it is not for everyone.


The first step in a direct mail marketing program is to have a plan. Your plan will include the target market to whom you'll be mailing, a schedule of mailings, the design concepts for each mailing, budget, evaluation measures, and perhaps a competitive analysis.

As you ...

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