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Staff Challenges

ITEM #: 5701011

This Set of Course Readings includes:

  • Minimizing the Impact of Staff Changes
    by Cathy Abraham
  • Putting Out the Fires of Conflict
    by Christine L. Gillan
  • Healing Staff After a Termination
    by Diana S. Khanagov
  • Working Effectively With Different Personality Types
    by Diana S. Khanagov
  • Countering Center Gossip
    by Margaret Leitch Copeland and Holly Elissa Bruno
  • Resolving Staff Conflict
    by Glenn W. Olsen and Steven W. Shirley
  • Crossing the Generational Divide
    by Patricia Scallan Berl
  • Developing Early to Mid Career Teachers
    by Patricia Scallan Berl
  • Mature Teachers Matter
    by Patricia Scallan Berl

80% mastery is required to earn one (1) CEU. One CEU equals 10 training hours. The test must be completed within one year of registration.