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Directors Online

by Karen Foster-Jorgensen
January/February 2009
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“One of our toddler room teachers is out sick, Timmy in the infant room has a temperature of 103, our accreditation visit is next week, payroll is due tomorrow, and I was really hoping to attend a financial training seminar with some colleagues this afternoon. It looks like I won’t get out the door in time.” Sound familiar? Just an average day for a child care center director?

Too often, when child care center directors turn their attention to enhanc­ing management skills, or connecting with someone who understands the day-to-day demands of the job, they are pulled back to the immediate needs of running their programs. So how and when does a center director continue to develop the important skills needed to lead a quality child care program? Where and when does a center director network and share ideas and concerns with professional colleagues? How does a director with no peer group in her center or provider community avoid feelings of isolation? Directors, often masters of multitasking, are increasingly turning to web-based technology to manage two more critical tasks: profes­sion­al development and networking. “There are more pressures than ever placed on directors,” notes Debra Trude-Suter with the McCormick Tribune Center for ...

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