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Eight Interview Questions to Help You Know Who You're Hiring

by Joel Gordon
May/June 2006
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The most important element in operating a high quality child development program is the people who implement it on a day-to-day basis: your teaching staff. As a result, of primary importance for an administrator is selecting the right people to join your staff. The questions you ask an applicant should reveal not only who they are professionally and to some degree personally, they will also tell the candidate something about the way you think. While we’re all looking for skilled teachers, we’re also looking for the right person. Will this new staff member share our values and philosophy while adding a new dimension to our group strengths? This can be difficult to determine from the brief time most folks set aside for the interview process. Yet the decision you make ultimately can influence the direction of your program for years to come. The questions below are meant to supplement or replace traditional interview questions: What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your long term goals? etc. They can help you see if this new person will be a good fit with your program and with their co-workers. They focus less on specific skills, which you should also find out about, ...

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