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eLearning: What Students Can Teach Us

by Chip Donohue, Selena Fox, and Monica LaBonte
July/August 2004
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This is the most respectful method of interaction.
We could listen to everyone's voice on our own schedule. I wish all classes could be set up this way.

Online courses, credentials, and degree programs in early childhood education have become a significant way to deliver teacher education and professional development. Online students have many choices and can access training and courses with few, if any, limitations of time and distance. But what do we really know about the quality and effectiveness of these eLearning experiences for early childhood students?

Much has been written about how to design and deliver effective online courses and how to be an effective eTeacher, but less is known about what it is like to be an online student, and what experiences students value most. We need to ask if the eLearning experiences we offer are based on accurate assumptions about what students want and need. Have the voices of early childhood professionals who have experienced online learning been heard? Are our eTeaching environments responsive to who our students are and how they learn?

Our goal in this article is to share some of our "lessons learned" from the real eLearning experts the online students ...

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