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Enjoy a Docia Story: Arriving at a Solution

by Docia Zavitkovsky
September/October 1990
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There probably isn't an administrator who can't share a story about a problem that remains unsolved even though clearly defined to the powers that be. Even after numerous work orders have been filed and countless telephone calls have been made, the answer ranges from getting to it as soon as possible to we can't do it now.

This sometimes requires an imaginative, non-threatening way of arriving at a solution.

For example, when a center was moved to a building which had formerly been a school cafeteria, the bathroom was put into what had been a storeroom. There was no heat.

The maintenance supervisor kept telling the administrator that the plumbers were all tied up with other jobs and would get to the center as quickly as possible. Days passed and though there was no snow or ice or hail, it was chilly.

The administrator asked the art supervisor if he would draw a picture of a preschool child sitting on the toilet wrapped in a blanket and print at the bottom of the picture "All I want for Christmas is a little heat."

The picture was sent to the superintendent and the maintenance supervisor and the ...

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