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Everyone Can be Creative — Here Is How

July/August 2012
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Once upon a time I believed that the world was divided into two camps: ­People who are creative . . . and the rest of us.

That was until I came across a study performed by the University of Michigan (http://sitemaker.umich.edu/pccs/home). In the study, researchers tested participants and ranked them from most to least creative. Then they divided them into two groups: those who demonstrated the most creativity in the test, and those who demonstrated the least. They told the most creative group that their members had ranked lowest in terms of creativity and the least creative group that they had ranked highest. Then each group was given the same problem to solve. The results are (and I am sure you've already guessed this) that the group that thought it was the most ­creative actually generated the most creative ideas.

So now I believe that everyone has the potential to be creative — you do, your staff members do, and the children in your ­program do. The challenge is to foster the conditions that enable creativity to flourish. These conditions are play, rich experiences, ­freedom, and passion.


"All of us can enhance our idea-producing capabilities by adopting a spirit of intellectual ...

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