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Good Enough Never Is

by Gigi Schweikert
July/August 2011
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The phrase, good enough never is, is one of my favorite lessons from Jim Greenman. There is a part of our humanness that makes us feel comfortable and content to do things the way we always have, to think that “this is good enough.” Now sometimes we don’t want to change things, like the fundamental concepts of children learning through play or the need for active, hands-on learning, but why not explore better ways to make active learning happen?

Imagine that today medical professionals simply accepted the health care standards of 30 years ago, that the stuff they did 30 years ago was good enough. We wouldn’t have any laparoscopic surgery or cancer medications or more effective anesthesia. Think about how that might affect you or someone you know. The goal of the physicians doesn’t change; they want to help reduce the risk of people getting injured or ill and heal them if they do. Their goal doesn’t change, just the methods.

That’s what we have to do as early childhood professionals, keep our goal of caring for and educating young children while finding ways to do that better, and that means change is essential. Whether you’re new to the field or you’ve ...

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