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Guidelines for Releasing Children: Part 2

by Michelle H. McGinnis, Veronica Getskow, and Brian S. Dicker
September/October 2012
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Editor’s Note: This is the final installment in this two-part article; Part 1 appeared in the March/April 2012 issue of Exchange. The information in this article is intended as general practical advice based upon legal considerations, but is not intended as legal advice. Applicable laws vary from state to state. Consult with a lawyer for your specific legal needs. For more information, go to www.childcarecompliance.com and register. We are upgrading the website so that Exchange readers may access sample templates and create custom forms for their organization. Register now and you will be alerted when the updated information is posted.

It was a bitter cold afternoon, and a light snow was falling from dark gray clouds that seemed to hug the ground. But inside Whiz Kidz Preschool it was like a rainbow as pick-up time neared and school owners Sonia Hernandez and Barbara Wells helped the children gather their multi-colored parkas, ­mufflers, mittens, knitted caps, and ­fluorescent rain slickers.

“I just love all the colors in those winter garments,” Barbara said to Sonia.

“They do light the eyes,” Sonia admitted, “but making sure each child gets the right stuff is always a challenge with all the other stuff that goes on.”

“All the other stuff ...

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