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Is Something Wrong with My Child?

by Roslyn Duffy
September/October 2007
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" Situation "

Carolyn says that her daughter, Caitlin, has two speeds: Fast and asleep! What she doesn’t admit out loud, is her worry that Caitlin’s fast speed might foreshadow ‘hyper’ speed, as in Attention Deficit ‘Hyperactivity’ Disorder (ADHD).

Joseph gets frustrated when 18-month old Colin doesn’t respond to being called by his name. Is Colin ignoring his dad, will he outgrow this behavior, or could something be wrong?

Bob and Juana can’t get their son, Abraham, potty-trained. Abraham, age four, refuses to use the toilet, instead soiling his pants. His parents fear that something may be wrong with Abraham but instead of speaking their fears aloud, they blame each other for not being firm enough or accuse one another of being over-lenient.

" Solution "

Secret fears

Stories like the ones above could go on and on. Parents worry that a child isn’t walking or talking. They worry about how much or how little gets eaten and spend fortunes on educational toys. They also deny their concerns, get angry if others suggest possible problems, or reassure one another that “it’s just a phase.” What gets tricky is deciding when a common concern indicates an uncommon condition.

ADHD and ‘wait-and-see’

Caitlin may turn out to simply be a ...

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