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Just Wondering: Building Wonder into the Environment

by Jim Greenman
January/February 1993
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"This world, after all our science and knowledge, is still a miracle;

wonderful, inscrutable, magical, and more, to whosoever will think it."
- Thomas Carlyle

Children come to us stuffed with wonder, eyes lit bright with projects.

Their hands are eager to pull apart life's mysteries, their voices ready

to shout out accomplishments, each echo adding shape to their being. The

primal urge to investigate does not stop there. The mouths of young

children are there to taste and chew the world around them (admittedly,

not always a pretty picture). Children are native sensualists, sucking up

experience with genetically programmed gusto. Enthusiasm and curiosity

race through the veins of children unless clotted by the form adults

impose on their lives.

To wonder is to question, to imagine and speculate on what is and what

isn't. To be full of wonder is to approach life with an openness, an

eagerness to know and experience. When something is WONDERFUL, it is

something we take delight in - better than good and on the road to


What sort of environments support wonder and wonderful things and

experience? Wonder is not hard to do; group living is hard to do, ...

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