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Keys to Success in Raising Funds - An Exchange Classic

by Roger Neugebauer
September/October 2001
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Child Care Information Exchange has surveyed over 100 child care centers about their successful, as well as their unsuccessful fundraising projects. From the experiences of these centers, the ten factors described below have emerged as keys to successful fundraisers.

Define Your Purpose

The willingness of staff members, parents, volunteers, and members of the community to give their support to a fundraiser will be enhanced to the extent that the need for funds is clear and important. People need to know that their contribution of time, talents, or resources will make a difference.

Therefore, before launching a fundraising effort, a center should assess whether it is truly necessary and, if so, for what purpose. This intent should then be identified at the outset of any appeals for support. Centers have found that the more specific the purpose can be defined the better. It is easier to generate support for "constructing an outdoor climbing structure" than for "building up the contingency account""; it is more inspiring to contribute towards a "scholarship fund" than towards "general operating expenses."

In child care, fundraisers often have important secondary purposes as well. Centers often utilize these projects to provide publicity for the center and to enhance parent involvement. These purposes should ...

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