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Learning to Walk

by Debra R. Sullivan
July/August 2011
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I’ve been watching my nephew learn to walk. What a fascinating process! Anyone who has seen this process knows exactly what I’m talking about.

He starts by grabbing on to furniture from a seated position and tries to pull himself up " only to plop back down on his well-padded bottom. Next comes a major success " he manages to pull himself up all the way! He’s standing and mom or dad isn’t holding his arms! It’s a miracle " until he lets go of the furniture and plops back down again. However, this is really only a minor setback because he’s right back up again; and he’s figured out that if he hangs on to the piece of furniture, he can maneuver sideways. It’s only a matter of time before he lets go of all support systems and takes that first series of wobbly, but independent steps. He’s thrilled and quite pleased with himself. Well, that was a couple of months ago. Today, he is an expert walker. Such an expert, in fact, that he no longer allows himself to be carried or even picked up. When I hold out my arms to pick him up, he turns around ...

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