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Making Their Voices Heard

by Eric Karolak
January/February 2009
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Shannon Erickson is a Republican member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, representing District 124 in Beaufort County. While coming to office in a special election in October 2007, she has previous experience working with the legislature as president of the South Carolina Child Care Association, the Governor’s Child Care Advisory Board, and her position on the state’s Quality Task Force which she’s held since 2006. Since 1997, she has also been the owner and director of the Lowcountry Building Blocks, Inc. d/b/a Hobbit Hill Preschools in Beaufort.

Mary Jane Wallner is the Democratic Majority Leader of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, representing the Merrimack 12th District. First elected in 1980, Rep. Wallner has worked to focus attention in the legislature on the importance of the early years, including helping to establish the Children’s Caucus aimed at supporting legislators bringing forth bills on early childhood education. Since 1973, she has also worked as the director of the Merrimack
Valley Day Care Service, a child care center operated by the United Way. Ms. Wallner was featured on the July 1989 cover of Exchange magazine.

As we go to press, President-elect Obama is building a transition team and the 111th Congress is preparing ...

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