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Marketing Your Program

by Susan Anderson
November/December 2009
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When most early education directors and family providers hear the term marketing plan, they cringe. But those words don’t need to scare you! In fact, developing a plan is easy and this article will take you through the basic steps of developing a marketing plan for your program.

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan outlines the specific actions you intend to carry out to interest potential customers in your service and to persuade them to buy the services you offer. In other words, a marketing plan defines what your organization will do to interest new families in your facility and encourage them to enroll their children in your program. Even if your program has a waiting list and maintains steady enrollment, having a marketing plan is still a good idea â€" as you’ll learn in the next section.

Benefits of a marketing plan

A marketing plan allows you and your team to:

• learn what makes your program unique and special; its selling features
• capitalize on your strengths when recruiting families
• create a unified message that everyone can use when speaking to families
• develop stronger relationships with staff, families, boards, and community ­stakeholders
• allow your organization to maximize resources when promoting your ­organization
• ...

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