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Motivating Entry-Level Employees

by Silvana Clark
November/December 2008
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Motivating entry-level employees to perform at their highest capabilities is easy. Simply offer lucrative stock options, three-day work weeks, and generous salaries. Oprah Winfrey actually gives employees new cars and trips around the world. On the other hand, if you are like most early childhood programs, it takes creativity to motivate employees when your
budget is tight.


Motivated employees rely on their own resources to get the job done. They have an inner drive that causes them to provide outstanding customer service. Unmotivated employees simply want to get by doing the minimum amount of work possible. Experts agree you can’t force someone to be motivated. Supervisors can, however, provide a workplace environment that encourages employees to make decisions, deal positively with co-workers, and receive recognition for hard work. A key factor is knowing that ‘entry-level’ is not the same as ‘unimportant.’ Your entry-level toddler assistant or after-school staff is very important in projecting a professional image to your parents.

In a January 1998 Roper Poll, it was found 9 out of 10 employees will work harder for you if you show an interest in their growth outside of work. This statistic opens up a wealth of ways to motivate employees. One preschool ...

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