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Primed for Learning - The Young Child's Mind

by Karen Stephens
March/April 1999
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Are the kids running circles around you? Are you constantly on your mental toes trying to anticipate what little ones will get into or come up with next? Well, don't take it personally. It's just a matter of nature. Young minds are engineered to work twice as fast as adult's. YIKES! No wonder you're exhausted!

_ Sifting Through Brain Breakthroughs . . . and the Baloney

I've waded through an explosion of brain research literature. Some of it was beyond my technical needs. A neuroscientist, I'm not! But I plodded on to find a gold mine of knowledge.

When hearing implications of brain studies, be a wise and thoughtful consumer. Inaccurate - or misapplied- information can harm children rather than help them. Don't accept everything you hear as absolute, final fact. For instance, actively learning to play music builds brain power; passively listening to music does not. Brain research is an emerging field, still in its infancy. New revelations, classifications, and implications surface regularly. Be moderately skeptical. Don't succumb to fads that supposedly stem from research. Follow your intuition and common sense.

Pay closest attention to information that triggers your "aha!" response. When brain research rings true, you'll feel it. After all, the human ...

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