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Program Administration Scale

by Teri N. Talan, Paula Jorde Bloom
ITEM #: 4100508

Research consistently finds that high-quality administrative practices are crucial for ensuring beneficial results for children and families. Without systems in place at the organizational level, supportive teacher-child interactions and stimulating learning environments at the classroom level cannot be achieved or sustained.

The genesis for the development of the Program Administration Scale (PAS) was the growing consensus that the quality of early childhood programs should be determined by more than just the classroom learning environment. This valuable tool incorporates data obtained through interview or self-report, document review, and observation to reliably measure the administrative practices of an early childhood program. The PAS includes 25 items clustered in 10 subscales, which measure both leadership and management functions of center-based early care and education programs. The PAS can be used in multiple ways: program self-improvement, technical assistance and monitoring, research and evaluation, and public awareness.

ISBN: 978-0-807752-45-6

Program Administration Scale