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SCOPE is Marketing!

by Dennis Vicars
January/February 2013
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As many of you know, from prior writings and personal friendships, the idea of SCOPE (Safe, Clean, Organized, Professional, Educational) came to me in the mid-'80s after watching numerous focus groups with parents discussing what was important to them and what their priorities were for a positive early care and education experience. It's safe to say that if we keep these five priorities as the centerpiece of our daily operation and don't get bogged down in the competing challenges that come our way, we will have well-run programs that are consistent with parents' values.

SCOPE, however, goes much further than the priorities of operating a well-run, operationally effective center. It can also be used as the foundation, both internally and externally, for marketing a high-quality early care and education environment. If everything we do is marketing (and it is), then running a good operation through the priorities of SCOPE automatically lends itself to marketing the best of what we do on a daily basis.


We all understand that safety is the single most important part of operating a high-quality program. However, have you ever stopped to think about how the safety of your center impacts marketing? Safety is the number one priority for ...

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