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Show and Tell: Modeling Healthy Behaviors and Attitudes

by Donna Rafanello
July/August 2001
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A teacher recently described herself to me as a performer. "Each morning," she said, "I dress the part and take the stage. If my performance is not good, the children know it. I have to be up for them and give them all
I have."

My own experience in parenting my three-year-old daughter teaches me the same thing. In wanting to be a good example to her, I have changed the way I live my life. I eat more fruits and vegetables, cut back on sweets, and get a good night's rest. I know she's watching me, and I want her to learn by my example how to live a healthy life.

Children mimic us. Many of the funny stories we tell are based on observations of children who echo our words and imitate our behavior in their play. These can be quite comical. We learn from these observations that modeling is an effective way to shape children's behavior. When parents and other caregivers model healthy behavior and attitudes, we take care of ourselves and teach children the principles for healthy living.

Teacher as Healthy Role Model

Teaching young children is emotionally and physically demanding work that requires the energy that comes ...

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