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Sound Off on Play from Around the World

September/October 2012
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Kierna Corr, Northern Ireland
I have been lucky to be able to take my nursery class of 3 and 4 year olds to local forests on a monthly basis. This chance for young children to explore their surroundings in a secure environment has been invaluable; they have been able to go pond dipping for frogs, newts, and beetles; climb trees; and enjoy running in a natural area.

Sylvia Bowles, Australia
Play is very much on the agenda at the moment, and our focus is on allowing children to analyse the risk that might be involved in their choices. We are trying to bring some risk back into play so that children can learn to analyse and problem solve risky situations (as we all used to do in the past).

Nilgün Kalburan, Turkey
Positive changes can be mentioned around play in Turkey. For instance: play-based curriculum. In the past, there were many traditional, teacher-centered early childhood classrooms where children had limited play opportunities. And today, constructivist early childhood classrooms where children have many opportunities to play in various environments with rich stimulatives have been increased. Further, teachers can meet learning objectives by planning play-centered activities.

Ron Blatz, Canada
Recently in my community we had a “Conversation Cafe” with ...

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