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The Day Child Care was the Talk of the White House

by Bonnie Neugebauer
January/February 1998
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We get a lot of mail at Exchange, but when an invitation arrived with a return address of "The White House," it really stirred things up! Plans were changed, responsibilities reassigned, and I was on my way to Washington.

It was an awesome experience to be in the East Room as the President and Mrs. Clinton spoke about our highest priorities, listened intently as our colleagues shared their ideas and experiences, and asked questions of experts in child care - people we know: Ellen Galinsky, Michelle Seligson, Valora Washington, Patty Siegel, Susan Aronson, Beatriz Otero - as well as people of influence in business, military, church, and government (names are listed under photographs) - and parent Kathryn Carliner.

As these people spoke with the President and Mrs. Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, groups of child care professionals gathered at satellite sites throughout the country to listen and then share reactions among themselves. Newspapers, television talk shows, and news programs picked up pieces of the story. It was a great day for child care.

As I have reflected on what the speakers had to say and what colleagues have commented since this event, these thoughts have risen to the forefront:

_This event did not take ...

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