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The Path Towards Social and Emotional Competence

by Mona Grace Kim, Peggy Daly Pizzo, and Yolanda Garcia
January/February 2011
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"This child is really, really bugging me," says Teacher Anita to the director of the Three Oaks Child Care Center. "Bobby constantly pushes the other kids, grabs their toys, and won't listen. I think you should call his parents. Maybe we should explore a different preschool for this child." Director Mary reflects how hard this teacher tries with Bobby and with several other children whose behavior creates problems in the classroom. She replies, "Anita, I've just been to a conference where new thinking was presented about social and emotional competence in preschool children. Let's sit down, and really think through which social and emotional skills Bobby has and where he needs to develop better skills. Then you and I can develop specific social and emotional learning activities that will help him develop these skills. Once we've done that we'll call his parents to talk and get some of their ideas. And in the meantime, I will do my best to offer greater support for you as we all work with Bobby." Teacher Anita eyes Director Mary skeptically but agrees to give it one more try.

The five components of social and emotional competence

What is social and emotional competence? The Collaborative ...

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