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Time to Go: If You Say it - Do it

by Roslyn Duffy
March/April 2005
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" Situation "

“Angela, if you throw that ball one more time " we’re leaving!”

“Benjamin James, what did I say? If you can’t share the sandbox toys, we’re going home!”

“Micah, I warned you we’d have to leave if you took that toy away from your sister. If this is the way you behave, we aren’t coming back to Auntie Cathy’s again!”

" Solution "

So leave already!

Do those statements sound a bit too familiar? Children everywhere hear such messages all the time: then little Angela will toss her ball " again; while little Benjamin James will continue to stockpile the sandbox shovels and wily Micah will snatch first a rattle, then a spinning top, and next a cuddly bunny out of his baby sister, Lucy’s, tiny fingers. Their parent’s messages and the children’s behavior will continue " but nothing changes. No one stops. And no one goes.

Say it " do it

Doing what we say is called follow-through and most of us aren’t very good at it. The reason that what we say and what we do often fail to match is because most of us suffer from the ‘Too Much’ syndrome. This syndrome comes in three recognizable forms. We Ask ‘Too Much’, Say ‘Too ...

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