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Using Mental Health Consultation

by Lenore Rubin
November/December 2008
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Jeremiah's story

Four-year-old Jeremiah is climbing the bookshelves for the third time in an hour. His teachers are worn out and feeling helpless after trying 'everything' to stop his unsafe climbing. Jeremiah presents a constant stream of challenges. Sometimes it seems that Jeremiah requires one-on-one attention. He doesn't seem to be able to get along with peers for more than a few minutes before the play erupts into an angry exchange. Teachers are also concerned about Jeremiah's language skills. Often he does not seem to understand what others are saying and he doesn't talk very much. When he is absent the class seems to go much better. Teachers find themselves wondering if Jeremiah would do better in another smaller or therapeutic program. Parents report that Jeremiah "has no problem at home." Further, they say that at home he talks a lot, seems to understand everything, and is able to comply with their requests. Jeremiah's teachers have worked hard to establish a positive relationship with his parents. Because they have been successful, his parents are agreeable when the teachers suggest a mental health consultation.

The role of mental health consultation

In May 2005, Gilliam published national data on expulsion rates for pre-kindergarten children ...

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