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What are the Core Elements of Your Curriculum?

July/August 2009
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Chris Sciarrino, Director of Curriculum and Product Development, HighReach Learning
Who among us can resist the joy seen in a child’s eye after he has just made a new discovery? Or the delight we witness as a satisfied child sighs and says, “There, I did it!” after persisting and accomplishing a challenging endeavor? Early childhood professionals relish these moments because they indicate a part of the wondrous process of a young child’s learning. Curriculum is what we do and how we are with children all day, every day.

Thoughts about early childhood curriculum vary from those who ‘create their own’ to those who implement the approaches and theories proven to be sound and appropriate for young children. Recent years have given rise to new discussions and ways to refine (become more intentional about) HOW we interact " all day, every day with children! What is good for young children is at the heart of what we do " developing the knowledge and skills that enable them to be eager learners, poised for a lifetime of fun and learning.

High-quality curriculum provides opportunity for active exploration and discovery, creating powerful, positive interactions focused on the joy of learning. The joy of learning may ...

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