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What’s Your Social Media Personality?

by Fran Simon and Chip Donohue
January/February 2011
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Social media is all the rage. Your board members and front office staff are all atwitter about Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The parents want an online group to connect with other parents and hear about classroom news. Your staff members want new ways to connect with each other and the parents. And, all of your stakeholders want you to produce a blog or an email newsletter instead of a print newsletter. Expectations are high. What are you doing about all of this interest?

In my role as a social media consultant, and Chip’s work in online learning, we have identified five personalities at play when it comes to social media adoption in early childhood (or any field, for that matter!). What is your social media personality, and how does it impact your program’s use of social media? Find your personality in the list below:

• The Resistor: You are dead set against the idea of using computers to communicate when good, old-fashioned face-to-face networking and promotion has worked all of these years.
Your core challenge: How do you respond to the pressure you feel from others who are sure social media is the best development since Froebel?

• The Intimidated: You want to ...

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