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When Good 'Pins' Go Bad

by Erin Hamel
May/June 2015
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You walk into one of your classrooms and observe a lesson that you saw on Pinterest just the night before. The teacher is excited to show the children how water can ‘walk.’ The teacher carefully puts two clear cups out on the table. She squeezes a drop of food coloring into each cup and then places a long strip of paper towel into each cup. The children stand excitedly around the table. The teacher places the other ends of the strips into a third empty cup. And then they wait. And wait. And wait. The children become bored. You wait to hear the teacher’s explanation of what ­children are learning from the experiment, but it doesn’t come.

At least not until most of the children have wandered off. By the time any colored water begins ‘walking,’ the children are no longer interested and the teacher is using all of her energy to manage their behavior.

How did a good ‘pin’ go bad?

Like other social media, Pinterest provides outsider viewers an idea of your tastes, methods, personality, preferences and goals. But just because you’ve pinned it doesn’t mean you’ve done it or seen it used. And just because you’ve pinned it, doesn’t ...

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