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Wonder Newsletter

July/August 2012
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Extend International Mud Day into Everyday Learning

The universal principle for Connecting Children with Nature we want to explore in this issue is:

We believe it is important for educators to allow enough time each day for children to explore freely in nature-based spaces.

A special day of celebration can help you either begin or extend the great experiences that take place regularly on the ‘ordinary’ days you have with ­children. For example, you can take your extra-ordinary experience of International Mud Day and continue your celebration into everyday experiences with dirt and soil. The Environmental Action Kit can help. (Go to www.worldforumfoundation.org/nature to find the Environmental Action Kit. Click on the Toolkit for Educators and Have An Adventure with “Let’s Dig In” on page 39-41.) Frequent opportunities to investigate soil are one way to do this. Digging, sifting, exploring and analyzing dirt can be just as extraordinary.

Here are a variety of perspectives from educators around the world who are ensuring that children are learning with nature every day.

The class teacher of Grade 3 thought it would be nice to take the children on a field trip, bringing them a bit closer to nature. I was asked to accompany the group and take photographs. ...

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