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Working with Non-Traditional Families - A Director's Guide

by Lisa Eisenbud
March/April 2002
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Single parents, step parents, grandparents as parents, foster parents, same-sex parents, racially mixed children and families, families formed through adoption . . . . What does the increase in numbers and varieties of non-traditional families mean to you as a child care center director? It challenges you to learn about these families, and how your child care can be a positive force in their children's lives.

Parents in non-traditional families, like all parents, want their children to be happy and healthy and to grow up to be the best people they can be. They want the same high quality care as other parents, but have an added concern about an environment where their families will be respected and their children taught the value of diversity.

The Parents

The tools to help you meet your goal of doing what's best for non-traditional families start with good communication skills. However, with non-traditional parents this can be a bigger challenge requiring more finesse than usual. You are in the position of needing personal family information before you have the time to really build up a relationship with the parents. Many of these non-traditional parents, particularly those who are a different ethnicity than their children, may continually be ...

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