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Global Early Childhood Community Optimistic about Outlook for Children

by Roger Neugebauer and Tara Schroder
March/April 2017
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Despite all the negative news in recent years about war, natural disasters, and political upheavals, three out of four individuals from the community of the World Forum Foundation (WFF) indicated that the outlook for children in their country will moderately or significantly improve in coming years.  The only countries where the outlook is seen likely to deteriorate were Australia, Brazil, England, Slovakia, and the United States.

Fifty members of the WFF community responded to this biennial survey on the status of young children.  Respondents play a number of leadership roles in the WFF — National Reps (who are the eyes and ears of the WFF in 110 countries), Global Leaders for Young Children (emerging leaders being mentored by the WFF), members of International Advisory Group (IAG [advising WFF on future activities]), World Forum Alliance (international NGOs working in partnership with the WFF), and World Forum board members.


Ian Alchin,
 Board of Directors, IAG

The Child’s Rights Taskforce reports that “the health care, health status, and rate of mortality of Australian children has continued to improve in recent years.” However, low socio-economic and minority ethnic families are associated with less access to primary health care. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children continue to be ...

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