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Keys to Rebuilding Enrollment Post COVID-19

by Julie Wassom
July/August 2020
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John F. Kennedy described the Chinese symbol for crisis as having two brush stokes: one for danger and the other for opportunity. Even though current times are uncertain and even scary for your ECE business, they are ripe with opportunity for ways to build and execute an effective enrollment recovery plan.

Taking essential actions within your control now can help you regain enrollment on the time-to-profit runway you have planned, and to rebuild for business sustainability. 

Refocus your Business Model to be More Customer-centric

Though the core business of early care and education will remain the same, there will undoubtedly be changes in how families use and choose your services. 

Business experts indicate that this recovery will not be V-shaped. Employer models will change, the way parents work will be different, and the economy could struggle for some time. Rules around reopening will change center policies and procedures. That means your customer families will likely require more flexibility, heightened communication, and absolute clarity in the value-exchange they get for the tuition they spend on child care. 

Your current families have now become prospects for re-enrollment. You cannot assume they will just come back once you re-open. New prospects will be even more concerned ...

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