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Nurturing Outdoor Spaces: More than Recess
April 16, 2018
Every beetle is a gazelle in the eyes of its mother.
-Arab Proverb

An excerpt from Learning with Nature Idea Book describes the benefits for children that come when administrators and educators fully understand and embrace the idea of natural outdoor classrooms:

"The most wonderfully designed natural outdoor classroom will only be as effective for children as the adults who explore it with them...

A new way of thinking may be needed for many educators and families as children begin to spend more and more time learning with nature. Outdoor time will come to be seen as more than 'recess,' and will instead be viewed as an invaluable part of each day’s learning activities. Families will help children dress appropriately for outdoor time in all kinds of weather and educators and administrators will build time in the outdoor classroom into daily schedules...

Adults who observe children closely will celebrate the intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth that can take place for every child every day in the natural outdoor classroom. And, they will delight in sharing the wonder and awe that nature can inspire in each of us, no matter our age or where we live."

Learning With Nature Idea Book

"Whether you are adding natural components to an existing outdoor space or designing a new outdoor classroom, this book can help. You'll find practical and inspiring information based on research-based guiding principles for creating natural outdoor classrooms... all field-tested with children and educators in a variety of settings. Incorporating concepts from leading American Society of Landscape Architects members with illustrations and beautiful color photographs, the Idea Book will help you bring the wonders of nature to children's daily lives.

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